Behind the Scenes at Schoolx Series Part 2

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Behind the Scenes at Schoolx Series Part 2

In the second part of the Behind the Scenes at Schoolx Series, we have decided to chat with Sara Sedqy, who is an integral part of the Public Relations and Branding team here at Schoolx. 

Sara resides at Cairo. She is currently working as a graphic designer for about two to three years and a professional translator English-Arabic for six months. 

So Sara, how did you find out about Schoolx?

From a friend. A friend of a friend mentioned that SchoolX  is looking to expand in Egypt and needs a translator to work with SchoolX to bring its impact in educating the underserved communities using their technology and entrepreneurial mission. My friend told me further about the idea behind SchoolX and what they do and so, I decided to join from then. 

What motivated you to join Schoolx then?

I wanted to be part of this project once I heard about its aim. I believe that finding solutions for a main issue like education is our duty towards refugee children. 

As long as refugee children need help, and we have something that we can do for them, then why shouldn’t we help? By offering to help, it may not be extremely tiring for us, but this could go a long way into making a big difference in their lives. A small effort could bring a massive change to children’s lives. Perhaps if we do not offer our help, there will not be anything that is done for them. 

Thank you for the inspiring words Sara. It’s amazing to hear about your passion for children. How long have you been in Schoolx now?

I joined in the beginning of April this year. Hence it has been about 6 months now. 

So Sara, during the time that you have been in Schoolx, what is your role in Schoolx? 

I am a English- Arabic translator and a graphic designer. 

As a translator and a graphic designer, what are some projects that you worked on in Schoolx?

SchoolX is introducing itself as a global platform and everything that is produced in the three major languages we are targeting, English, Arabic and Turkish. I translated the website of Schoolx and several articles about Schoolx. In addition, for graphic design projects, and as part of a design team, I designed a Schoolx poster and brochure, and a partnership design for potential sponsors. I also did several templates, such as the movie and information templates. 

How has working in Schoolx been for you?

Better than what I expected. Although the team is spread over four countries in 3 different continents, the team succeeds in keeping all of us  updated with all the teams’ achievements. Everyone is doing their best. 

Since I have joined Schoolx, there have been multiple developments happening. The Pilot Project team has commenced the Pilot Project and classes have been taking place. There are also more volunteers. There is also more visibility of Schoolx in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  

So Sara, thanks for telling us about your working experience in the Public Relations and Branding team. It’s a pleasure to hear about your thoughts. As an international team, there are many people from all walks of life in Schoolx. Can you tell us about how working in an international team is for you? 

It was my first time dealing with youth from different countries online, and I can describe it as an exceptional experience! I was surprised that we are not that different; we can communicate, work, laugh and achieve. It is all about the aim. I also gained some new friends whom I can trust and wish to meet soon!

In Schoolx, we reimagine education with technology – and if you share similar values as us, join us as a Schoolx volunteer here


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