Get your hand in!

Be the one who spreads hope, together we will enrol Syrian refugees back to formal education.

To keep up with our progress, we aim to raise £40k before April, which will be directed to;
  1.  Support our classes and workshops and other activities in Istanbul
  2.  Digitise online training courses so it becomes open for everyone. We will then enrol more teachers from different areas.
  3. To continue developing the mobile application that will connect the students to their teachers.

£17.700,00 raised out of £40.000,00


You are most welcome to donate in person or via Bank transfer. For in person arrangements, please contact us:


Bank transfer is fee-free, unlike online fundraisers. So 100% of your gift will reach out to our beneficiaries.

Bank Account Information

  • REFERENCE: SchoolX – Refugee Project
  • IBAN: GB51HBUK40333372666138
  • ACC NO: 52712423
  • SORT CODE: 403333

We were invited to present and discuss Schoolx solutions at the House of Lords

We organised Psychosocial Support training for our first group of volunteer teachers in Istanbul

We presented as a finalist at Techfugees Summit in Paris, where we were selected in 25 most innovative tech projects for refugees

Schoolx volunteer teachers and students met at our social event in Istanbul

Schoolx Roadmap

How Schoolx builds its network, trains volunteer teachers, and organises classes with refugees.

Our volunteer teachers and students in Istanbul