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Course Description
  • Requirements: A computer, laptop or tablet, and Wifi
  • Time and Location: Flexible
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Who this is for: Anyone interested in learning e-commerce or e-marketing
What You Will Learn

Learn the basics of e-commerce and e-marketing for opening and running your own store in online marketplaces successfully! Utilise common platforms such as Expandcart and Shopify for marketing and sales management.   

In this course, you will be able to create your very own store at an online marketplace as well as link ExpandCart and Shopify to your account in your online marketplace. You will use the tools available in ExpandCart and Shopify to build your business.

Why enroll in SchoolX Ecommerce?
Increasing Convenience

Leave your online store open throughout the day for customers to shop anytime! Cater for customers who find it difficult to come down to your physical store.

Increasing Your Reach

Reach out to a global customer base. Allow customers from another part of the world to be able to access the products in your store.

Enrich Your Brand

Utilise tools such as online customer service, blogs and social media through your online store to enhance the branding of your business.

Better Marketing Opportunities

With an online store, you can leverage on email marketing, pay per click advertising and social media marketing to market your products.

Scale Your Business

Effectively scale up your business whether in terms of product selection or more shipping options through your online store.

What SchoolX Business Provides
Gain Valuable Industry Insights

Benefit from insights from industry experts in the field and get access to exclusive platforms or memberships to enhance your business skills.

Collaborate with Your Peers

Meet those who take the same class with you. Expand your network, learn from each other, collaborate and even become business partners.


Gain certification by industry providers and have the option of placing the certification on your Linkedin profile.

Flexible Classes

Get matched to a class which is able to accommodate your schedule. Learn anytime, anywhere.

Social Impact

Contribute to the community while picking up a new skill. 10% of your class fees will be used to subsidise other students in need.