SchoolX Innovations

Course Description
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Age Group: 10+ 
  • Class Size: 8-10
  • Time and Location: Flexible
  • Prerequisites: None
What You Will Learn

Learn the motivation behind Artificial Intelligence Technology. Understand its applications in daily life and how they work in detail by learning the most important classes of algorithms: regression, classification and clustering.

Our main methodology to introduce these concepts is through games, demos and utilizing simple interfaces to create our own AI applications.

Why Enroll Your Child in Ai for Kids
Prepare for a World Surrounded with AI

Educate your child to be critical consumers for the AI tech surrounding them by better understanding how these algorithms are created and how they influence society.

Stimulate Problem Solving Skills

By exposing your child to technical aspects early in life, hone your child’s problem solving skills and provide them a springboard to learn system design and algorithmic thinking skills more quickly later in life.

Increase Future Career Prospects

Provide your child with an advantage early in life and a foothold into the hottest job sector in the 21st century. There is an exponential increase in the number of companies requiring data science/AI capabilities, from startups to multinational organisations.

What SchoolX Innovations Includes
Quality Education

Allow your child to embrace AI through our engaging fun age-specific activities, which are structured with foundational understanding in mind.

Knowledgeable Instructors

Obtain a knowledgeable SchoolX instructor who is focused on delivering the best outcomes for your child.

Social Impact:

Provide your child with an advantage early in life and a foothold into the hottest job Contribute to the community while equipping your child with essential skill sets. 10% of the class fees will be used to subsidise other students in need.